Kornfield Digital Support Service



Life can be the pursuit of acquiring the most toys, or giving totally of oneself to a favorite cause. Life can also be a blend of doing the right things and doing things that make your juices flow. We live in such a small window of the existence of man that it is beyond our comprehension where we fit into our own troposphere. How does this relate to doing my best work for you? Hell if I know, but it sounds good!

I do know this.... live without laughter and you live a “life of desperation”. Live without your computer systems and you probably can’t make a living!

I sell you nothing but my time. I have no ax to grind. I help you get the best technology for your dollar. My goal is to make myself redundant.


This is a glimpse of what I do. I am playing with the “new” iWeb that is on all new Apple Computers. It is a simple program that makes creating web sites almost child’s play. Here I begin telling my story.